The reason of 70-80% of the defects occurring in the hydraulic system and %50 of the defects occuring in the bearings, are the abrasion and damages caused by the polluting particles with in the hydraulic fluid and the lubricating oil. There is a tolerancı amongst the active partivles that the hydraulic elements bay completely fulfill their tasks. The hydraulic oil filfills its fuction of lubricating and impermeabilty by penetrating into these cavities. The pollutant particles penetrating into these cavities cause defects and abrosion in the components, therefore the elements of the hydraulic system may not fulfill their function. The hydraulic oil is being polluted by solid particles, liquid particles and gases. Solid pollutants; Sand, weld dross, fibers, wood shavings, corrosion, seals’ wastes, dyes, liquid pollutants; Water, liquid made of different oil mixtures, Gas pollutants; Air. Any filters of good quality must have the following properties.

  • Resistence to the pressure differences
  • £ stabbility for a vast pressure scale.
  • The strengths of the filters for all kinds of cleaning degree categories.
  • A good dirt holding capacity
  • Big filters areas.
  • Long life.