Industrial Filters

Erfil, made this name renown in short time since the day it entered into the filter sector by always qorking focused on the quality. As it is known, the most important thing and the matter to be cared for ıs the smoothness and the quality of the plaited filter paper. In a good filter the papers should be placed very smoothly and in equal distance. Only in this way it may be secured that the air passes equally through all the surfaces, and this is the primary thing wpicp directly affects the filter life.

Erfil completely answers to the needs of the costomers by using a proper filter paper fitting to every filter and thus guarantees its working with maximum efficiency during the functional life of the filter.

In Erfil brand hydraulic filters, 1* class hypoxy American wire is being used, thus it is being secured that is lasts for long time against corrosion, while in the qowder dye filters where teflon is being used, a care was made that the size of the teflon’s pores not exceed 3-10 microns. Erfil acquired the principle of qorking in conformity with the quality standarts, having TSE and ISO certificates, while marketing its products.

Special order: Our costomers are able to promptl communicate their requests and place their orders through telephone, our web address or our electronic mail address and the necessary information is being communicated by the authorized employees of the firm to the costomers on the same working day.

Filters, specially designed and produced in accordance with the costomer’s need, are an indication of the direct joint work between the technical staff of the firm and the costomers.